How use information from CC good shop? For example, there is a topic on sale for driving in the eBau. The eBau does not give large sums at all! Even 500 bucks will not give, so your ceiling is 100-250 bucks per position. Skup will not even accept such a product, as it is too cheap, so you will have to order such a product somewhere for yourself and then wait for the mask show to be sold on the forums for 20-30% of the price. However, there are also arrogant ones who try to sell for 60-70%. Yes, you can try to multiply 100 dollars per position (for example, points cost 200-250) by 10 (and I will order not just one point, but 10) and think about the income of 1000 dollars. That’s just worth considering that the skup will not accept, and people will buy for a very long time and you will sit on boxes with glasses and cry … cry… It is also worth considering that you can not just buy 10 cards and order 10 points and earn a mower on the same day. Since the drive-in goes with the account warming up, which takes a day, and sometimes 2 and 3. Everything still depends on the store — this is one time. For each purchase, you need to buy and configure — this is two, for each purchase you also need tunnels — this is three, and you will not be able to sell immediately in any case — this is four.