To create a copy of a magnetic bank card, you will need a few seconds and a special reader, which you can buy on Amazon. Then the attackers create a clone and go with it to stores in America or Europe. Bank card dumps are freely sold and bought on numerous hacker forums.

but how do carders cheat on sites that offer services? The transfer of Western union to drop gives 50%, but only you transfer your 50% at once, and then we are afraid that you will throw us, honest carders. The minimum prepayment transfer is $ 400, isn’t it funny for you? You give 20,000 rubles so that you are thrown.

The next topic is the sale of staff for 45% (you order equipment, and they bring it to you for 45% of the cost). I even checked it myself, personally. If you understand the principles of carding, no one will work for 45%, and here is such a miracle lottery! Just like a Scandinavian auction, who will pay less. Do you believe? And this is for carders who row to the fullest from all over. At least 80% (again on personal experience), but no one guarantees that the guys from the «K» department will not come to you, because, in fact, you are a drop! If you climb into carding, then do not cut off your brains in the power of profit.